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Thank you for wanting to know to what your life situation wants to invites you.

What do you need to do?  Send me an e-mail where you describe shortly (max of 3 sentences, key words are just fine too) one life situation you like to understand deeper.  It’s not a computer or a random answer we give you. Your NEWEX coach connects personally with you and your situation using applied applied kinesiology.

path 2NEWEX Coaching assumes that your life guides you and speaks to you practically and measurably through normal events. Situations that simply draw your attention like e.g. at once many mosquito bites  or seeing a name or person several times in a row or simply something that pops into your mind out of whatever reason or situations that are in one way or the other challenging to you.

Those are ways life loves to draw your attention.  If we train ourselves to connect with the wisdom that can guide us and the situation at hand, we can become aware to what life wants to invite us to.  It’s an invitation, not an assignment. So if we already feel drawn to take the invitation fine, if we feel we want to wait a bit, fine too. There is no pressure or expectation, it’s a simple invitation of a possibility of growth. Continue reading

The gift to connect and disconnect freely

dualityIn our social, emotional and spiritual development we encounter 32 gifts and are invited to unpack them during our life. The gift of connecting and disconnecting freely determines our relationship with the duality of life. Today I love to give a small impression on how it might look like if we were fearless in the topic of connecting and disconnecting.  Continue reading

Rude and ignorant or just nuts?

download (1)When do we grant someone to be mentally disturbed….yes I say grant, because it comes with many advantages compared with the normal mental disorders that we simply call rude, selfish, stupid or ignorant.  The labeled mentally disturbed person is not held responsible anymore for what he does because we have somehow agreed not to expect any different behaviour from that person.

But honestly said, Continue reading

The gift in not being understood

not-understoodBeing misunderstood, or not being understood at all is for many people quite frustrating and also painful. The painful feeling of not being understood knows deeper levels like not being seen, which results in a feeling of being lost (disappearing),  for others its more related to ‘not getting what I need’ and panic of ‘ I will never get what I need’  might come up. Continue reading

This book loves YOU

High Resolution Front Cover_6060104 This book helped me to really fall in love with my own life by experiencing the deep guidance and love that lies in my seemingly insignificant ordinary daily life. It helped me with the in the book described gifts to see my illusions and to give me direction in my daily life. Experiencing this made me appreciate more and more all the happenings in my life, not because I tell myself that all is as it should be and that I have to learn some lessons — no not at all — its because I see, understand and feel the guidance and by that the presence of God, Love and Space.  I feel carried by life, I feel safe, grateful and always lovingly looked at. Continue reading

The beauty of being useless



Much of pain is caused in many lives because of the feeling of being of no use, or our doubt that we are a meaningful contribution, that we are doing enough or doing it good enough.

The pain is not just caused by the named above, because most people suppress more or less successfully those feelings by proving themselves that they are of much use. They are great contributors, much needed and often seemingly irreplaceable at the workplace, with friends or family, hobby or ─ you fill it in.  And we also have the martyr type who  clears the mess others make: “If I don’t do it, who will?”  Finally we exhaust ourselves or neglect other important areas in our lives like our health, friends, family, carrier etc.  Yet our (hidden) fear to be of no use is so strong that we sacrifice our real joy in order to get that little or big glimpse of being somehow important.

How would it be if we would be totally at peace with being useless, I mean really useless, unable to produce anything? Continue reading

Help- I am authentic!

authenticity_sealIn my work with children it was amazing to see, how quickly certain fears could be released and conducive pattern installed often with hardly any effort, while at the same time other themes were so stuck and unmovable to the frustration of the parents who loved to see their kid happy and successful. With time I saw that the age of the child seemed to play an important role.  From the age of 11-15 many topics that were stuck before came slowly into movement. I always wondered why.  In 2012 I was inspired by several silent retreats and I started to understand this pattern which was not making much sense before because I always thought mistakenly that healing our pain was the key to become an authentic person, closer to who we really are and the earlier we could heal this pain and release destructive pattern the better it would be.  Continue reading

Do I waste my time?

playing childThis morning I got an interesting question. Is it possible that my fear-based me (ego) interferes with my desire to fully live life and to fully enjoy and surrender to my human being, the energy I embody on this earth. How can  I really know if my mind is not just fooling around with me and I am busy wasting my time?

I like to use the example of a baby. Continue reading

Embracing and loving what you once despised

homer_simpsonAs promised I share today the next two great steps in internalizing a ‘hidden’ part of us.  In my last blog “No… not again…”I shared that it starts with accepting that a trait is also in you and then, after some time, perhaps a week, day, month or even years you will get invited to take the next step which was to welcome that part which meant that you slowly start living it carefully, selectively and perhaps still not really openly….till life invites you to make the next step. Continue reading