The gift in not being understood

not-understoodBeing misunderstood, or not being understood at all is for many people quite frustrating and also painful. The painful feeling of not being understood knows deeper levels like not being seen, which results in a feeling of being lost (disappearing),  for others its more related to ‘not getting what I need’ and panic of ‘ I will never get what I need’  might come up. Those fears have been activated in our being from birth till around one year of age.  Since a baby has no time consciousness all he senses (even if it’s only for a short while) will take forever and intensifies the whole experience. Practically not being seen or not getting what you need for a very long time (the baby-forever-five minutes) means for a baby neglect and finally death, which is the main fear behind the deep fear of lack or getting lost.

What if we would not have those fears anymore? Just imagine that there would be no need any more to understand or to be understood?

What if I could be totally fine if someone does not understand me? How free could I feel to share what lives in me. Share the things even I don’t get.  Follow my heart and intuition.

No need that someone judges me in the right way, sees my intentions.   I could have just some fun and interest in how one can also experience me. I could receive feedback with total openness.

If I could be so fine with not understanding  I could enjoy the simple presence of someone or something.  No need to give meaning.  My mind would be still, my senses widely open.

Wow that would be really great.

So if you now think that you don’t understand what I mean by this…..close your eyes and feel what is said instead of understanding it.  Its fun.


Much love Karin

PS. In case this speaks to you have a sneak in this book

4 thoughts on “The gift in not being understood

    • The very first step might be to become fully aware that the reason that you have those fears are not relevant anymore, we are no babies anymore. Once our subconscious feels that there is a grownup in the house ( your conscious mind does not go anymore with the projected stories of the past ) it feels more safe and is more willing to adapt another truth. When we are not aware of our illusions generally speaking we only use our intelligence to make up better defenses instead of confirming a more conducive truth.
      In case becoming aware is not enough it means that there is still to much fear energy stored in your body and an intervention like breathing or other interventions that release stored energies in the body might be needed to be able to act and feel differently.
      But first of all to know that there is no threat in being not understood or in not understanding, even if it feels differently and we act differently. We can choose our truth.
      Much love Karin


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