About Karin Masnicza-Etarukot

The early years

Born as the youngest of three girls in 1964 in a small village in Germany, being a rebellious child, Karin always felt that she did not really fit into the world she was born into. A deep-seated knowing that how we lived now was not normal.  This and a nice young man J  made her leave her birthplace and immigrate to the Netherlands at the age of 18. Distracting herself with studies, professional success and two marriages, to suppress that the ‘fit’ still wasn’t found.

First encounter with spirituality2014-06-20 10.02.20

In 1995 she came in contact with personal development and spirituality and it has since then been her passion. After having been invited in 2000 as a co-trainer in a workshop in Tanzania, she made a decision to contribute her in the meanwhile many skills ( NLP Trainer etc.) to commit herself to development work in Africa sharing her discovered miracle that the world changes for the better when you allow yourself to change your perception of yourself and the world.

12 years Africa

In 2001 she sold her business and founded Relief Foundation Africa (www.relief-foundation.com), an organization that supports individuals, NGOs and CBOs with awareness about changing perceptions, something that was amazingly well received by the African people.

Then much happened with Karin’s perception of the world: “ As I still thought to bring Unbenanntgreat news about how one can find his inner truth and strength by becoming aware of his inner world, the real African life taught me immeasurable lessons of detachment, living in the NOW, surrender and acceptance of life and death……. I thought I had something to give yet I received more than I could have ever imagined.”

In 2009, Karin handed over the management of Relief Foundation knowing Relief in perfect African hands and started to develop Quantum Coaching and later NEW WORLD coaching. Inspired by the African life, years of study, training, coaching and some significant silent retreats Karin wrote in 2012 her first book ‘ The Gifts of Your Life’, those insights and experiences were the glue to all she had internalized so far: her search for the world, she was lacking to find when she was young, had opened the doors widely for her.

Back to Europe

In 2013 she returned with her family (she married a Kenyan man and has two children) to Germany. Life was generous with its invitations for Karin when she arrived.

IMG_20151129_121355It had a different plan from the one she had anticipated: “When I arrived at my birthplace, I planned to start a coaching business that would fit the environment I lived in. Not too extreme, some NLP, some breathing ─ just easy going ─ in order to make a living. Yet none of my attempts met with any success. I surrendered to life and started to look for a ‘normal’ job and worked at a call center for mobile phones (those technical things have always been so uninteresting and boring to me). This call center was the best life workshop for my further growth. I had no idea how arrogant I had become, thinking that I knew so much. I humbled myself to be submissive to what life presented to me. It was tough working through my resistances to the modern world, my illusions and pains.”

“Next to all those riches it was the seed to start my new company ‘NEWEX ─ Hotline to your Higher Consciousness’. “Without my experiences at the call center and all the gifts I was blessed to receive there, Life would have had a very hard time to sell this inspiration ─ to serve many people in such an easy and affordable way ─ to me.  Life is great, amazing, and unbelievingly creative for each of us.”

Karin now coaches and trains NEWEX coaching as an extra application for trained and intuitive coaches to join her hotline-network to serve effortlessly around the globe.

“I love to share my new perspectives on life, they inspire me every day again to live more and more freely and to be excited about my life and who I am, the energy I am blessed to experience here on earth regardless which forms they might take its intensive and inspiring. I wish you that this I may also inspire you to see yourself and your life as you live it NOW as an amazing blessing regardless of what content your life shows right now, you are always the winner.

What a life ─  what a wonder it is.

Welcome to the New World Experience! “

Much love Karin

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