About Karin Masnicza-Etarukot

Introducing Karin Masnicza-Etarukot, a renowned international NLP trainer, spiritual teacher, and coach with over 25 years of experience in working with people. Karin’s unique approach is a result of combining her personal spiritual path, work with people, and the wealth of wisdom she gained while living in the heart of the African culture of Kenya for 12 years. Karin’s approach, called the NEWEX-APPROACH – Inner Voice Power, focuses on developing an attitude that creates the energy to become your own best loving friend and supporter.

With Karin’s guidance, you will learn to harness your Inner Voice Power, and the struggle of personal development will end. You will start to enjoy who you are and what you do effortlessly.

Karin is currently writing her second book, in the meantime, she is offering trainings where participants can tap into her unique approach and develop their own Inner Voice Power naturally and effortlessly.


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