Die Kraft des Schmerzes

The lonely woman in a dark room

Schmerz und Freude sind in unsere Welt der Dualität zwei Teile eines Ganzen.  Das eine kann nur in der Präsenz des anderen bestehen.  Eigentlich ist es ein Segen wenn man (noch) im Stande ist um tiefe Emotionen zu erfahren. Bei den meisten ist dies nur eher unfreiwillig der Fall und man spricht von großem Unglück oder emotionaler Instabilität wenn Burnout und Depressionen uns heimsuchen. Kann doch unsere Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft nur mit immer perfekt produzierenden Menschen funktionieren, die wenn möglich mit stolzen Lächeln beweisen wollen, gerne ein Rädchen in einer stetig wachsenden Wirtschaft zu sein die erpicht ist uns Wohlbefinden zu verkaufen.

Doch eigentlich ist es ein Segen, das Emotionen es uns bei Zeiten unmöglich machen um noch ‚normal‘ zu funktionieren. Es gehört zur Perfektion des Lebens.

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Get the feeling of having all the time of the world…

timeTime is a rare commodity.  With the excuse of lack of time, we rush from one place to the other, try to do as much as we can within a given timeframe. Productivity and efficiency are values we seem to accept automatically as being normal and needed.  We need to organize our time, to have some time for ourselves….to relax, socialize, take care of our body.  Calculate time for our relatives, our children and our spouse.  Time is a rare commodity and time is likely our most abused commodity as well.  How did this happen, that time has become rare and so scarce?

We have become greedy with time, we act as if we are starving and we grab every little moment as if our life depends on it. It’s true actually that we are starving, but not because of lack of time and also not because we do too much, we actually could do even much more if we simply would change our idea of time.

Here we experience time…

Did you ever stand in a supermarket in the line of the cashier?  Ever waited for an airplane that was delayed?  Those are the moments where ten minutes can be like an hour and an hour like a day.  Did you ever ask yourself why this might be the case?   Can it be because you had no control, no influence on how to get it done faster? You just had one option:  to wait.

It’s my experience that the moment you lose control and you are not able to influence of what to do next simply because you can’t do anything right now towards controlling the next moment, time runs very slowly.  Of course the average person starts complaining when things don’t move fast enough or try to push things……losing control of the next moment seems to be a huge fear and for that controlling what will happen the next moment has become our focus.

I create my life….

And controlling is not controlling, yes? We call it creating these days: I create my life!  That sounds much nicer.  We create our life ─ which means if we are honest, we plan our life.  For what? A bit of happiness, a feeling of having made a difference?  So many of us run after a fulfilled life and end up with just a full life.

So my promise of the header of this blog, how to have all the time of the world? It’s simple: don’t think of time.  And I will not come with this thing of be in the moment, be present in the moment.  No, not today. Today I say:  simply don’t think of time.

Can you forget about the commodity of time and just do what you do?  Likely you can’t, because a day just has 24 hours and there is so much to do…..

It’s not the quantity of things we do on a day that messes us up. It’s our fear of not making it, missing out of something that should have been done. Losing control.

Really too little time?

It’s the stress that comes with it and we nurture that stress by telling ourselves that we have so little time.  We complain that we have too little time for ourselves, to relax. That we take on to many things, say too often yes, while actually don’t have time.   All this are expression of the fear of having not enough time. Not making it.

 Mini exercise that does wonders…

Take a moment and think of all the things you do on a day. Pick one random task and imagine this would be the only thing you would do that day.  Think about it and do it exactly the way you do it normally only imagine it’s the only ttime-2hing to do today.   How does it feel? Is it relaxed? Is it even fun?

The thought:  “I have all the time” does wonders with every task you do. It changes how you do it and in my experience I do it often even better and faster, because I give it all my attention.

We are not exhausted of what and how much we do but how we do it.

I wish you many timeless times and tasks. It does wonders.


Much love Karin

Do you know the fertile ground where your earthly being thrives?

human-bodyWhat is my authentic nature? Where do I thrive best? What is it in me that wants to thrive? Questions you might not ask yourself, yet those questions are worth your attention.

In our spiritual search many of us have experienced their godly being, that which is formless and has no ego. Mostly those experiences are during meditations or breathings and they are wonderful, yet often it’s  hard to take that state into our daily life activities. We lose that connection while trying to take care of the many responsibilities most of us encounter every day. Continue reading

Please don’t try to make this earth a better place


info-overload-2We experience enough one could say…more than enough. Time seems to be a rare asset and many of us long for some peace.

Are you a machine?

We have become a wheel in a machinery we call life. One appointment or responsibility chases the next. Happy and relieved when we are able to mark things as done we run towards the end of our day, week, month, and year and yes even our lives.  Continue reading

My Vipassana Silent Retreat Experience

dhara271Quite a life experience I had during this 10 day silent meditation retreat Vipassana.  I learned a wonderful meditation technique which I think is really great.

There are some aspects of this Meditation that touches my truth fully. One is that during the meditation only own resources are experienced.  Meaning no music, no nice guidance, no light, no ceremony, no created nice atmosphere by candles, beautiful cushions etc. Let me say all the things we perhaps love to surround us with which evoke pleasurable feelings in us. No this meditation relays fully on our very own inner awareness and beauty — but it goes much further than that. Continue reading

Unconscious repetition or conscious evolution ─ cutting the cord of dependency on our past

My Life, what is my life actually? Before we know when we grow older we might see that we have become more and more like our parents/caretakers. How is our life influenced by people who are perhaps not even alive anymore. What is needed to really live our own life? Do we really have one? Or is all connected and intertwined.   Continue reading

Life is a playground not a school

tree 3For many it’s true that we are supposed to learn something in our life, others believe it’s about healing karma and some think life’s hard lessons are there to strengthen us to be better prepared to deal with life’s challenges…  I think all of them are right.  As you perceive life, you will most likely experience life.

Lately I saw a test where they put different film music’s under one fighting movie scene. It was hilarious to see. The funny music, just made me grin when one was flying over the table after a hit. Then there was an action music, the whole scene changed for me and I felt excited and tensed. Then with the dramatic music I had almost tears in my eyes and wanted to jump in to help and comfort.

Our main beliefs we have about life colour drastically our perception and with that our feelings and impulses we experience while living, just like a movie music colours the movie and determines your experience.

For the longest time I belonged to the group of people that think that we have to learn and to develop in life in order to live a life by own design. Continue reading

Joy and happiness have nothing to do with each other. Read here how not knowing this sabotages your life choices.

Today I invite myself to be unconditionally me (2)

That I lived for the longest time in limbo and dissatisfaction was because I intermingled those two words — happiness and joy — those two words have actually nothing, and I mean really nothing to do with each other.
Let me share one of my biggest illusion. I thought always that joy is just a deeper version of happiness.  Just something that not just makes me smile but is also connected with love. I was kind of done with just being happy, I liked it but I could not put my energy together anymore to really go for it like  a nice talk, nice food,  a great party or this beautiful beach I love so much.  All this was wonderful but I had no longing for it anymore. The closest to joy I came when I could deeply connect with people, could feel love. But after some time I knew Continue reading

The gift to connect and disconnect freely

dualityIn our social, emotional and spiritual development we encounter 32 gifts and are invited to unpack them during our life. The gift of connecting and disconnecting freely determines our relationship with the duality of life. Today I love to give a small impression on how it might look like if we were fearless in the topic of connecting and disconnecting.  Continue reading

Rude and ignorant or just nuts?

download (1)When do we grant someone to be mentally disturbed….yes I say grant, because it comes with many advantages compared with the normal mental disorders that we simply call rude, selfish, stupid or ignorant.  The labeled mentally disturbed person is not held responsible anymore for what he does because we have somehow agreed not to expect any different behaviour from that person.

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