My Vipassana Silent Retreat Experience

dhara271Quite a life experience I had during this 10 day silent meditation retreat Vipassana.  I learned a wonderful meditation technique which I think is really great.

There are some aspects of this Meditation that touches my truth fully. One is that during the meditation only own resources are experienced.  Meaning no music, no nice guidance, no light, no ceremony, no created nice atmosphere by candles, beautiful cushions etc. Let me say all the things we perhaps love to surround us with which evoke pleasurable feelings in us. No this meditation relays fully on our very own inner awareness and beauty — but it goes much further than that.

The technique invited me to neutrally and with equanimity observe all just as it is, not as I wish it to be, but fully as it is. No internal visualization, mantras or guiding thoughts, it had to stay mere observation the reality of the now.  I learned to welcome with no resistance all I experience— the hardly bearable physical and emotional pains and the indescribable great sensation —   and all that by simply observing and experiencing my inner world.

It was so much worth the effort.

And the effort I must say was not little. Ten hours of daily meditation, highly concentrated meditation. I learned to give each little part of my body my full, undivided and judgement free attention.  But all that not before we spend 35 hours of meditation to only sharpen the sensitivity and concentration of our mind. It was quite something I must say.

For me the whole process made so much sense. As I already said, it is in alignment with my own truth which is that we are invited to let go our focus for the great experience, the purposeful life, for our passion and true life direction, for wanting to be enlightened or wanting to be this great loving unconditional person or to be more authentic, or even just to be yourself — I like to call all of that the Mercedes of the personal development and also the spiritual world. Just another condition we put on ourselves in order to give directions and making choices.

It’s still a longing, a search, to reach somewhere.  And all that finally makes that we can’t experience the beauty of ourselves and our life as we live it NOW, we continue to search instead of fully living our life ─- as it IS, not as we wish it to be.

When we still feel aversion to certain situations we experience now and feel cravings or longings for other situations we can’t experience the situation we live now as it really IS.  We might think we see it, but we actually do not see it.  Here I am not talking about some great spiritual experience where you feel reunited with your Godself — I am talking about our present normal life we live.

I realize that there is so much I love to share but this is too wide and does not fit into a blog. For that I decided to start preparing a webinar where I love to explain more about the New World Experience ─ NEWEX  ─ and the Vipassana meditation technique.   In an interactive communication I wish you to become aware of NEWEX, not in an intellectual level, but on an experiential level ─ that is my intention.

If you have interest in the free webinar, let me know by filling your e-mail and name below. I contact you as soon it is ready.

Much love


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