The Mercedes of the spiritual world — are you also running after one?

cropped-morality-672x372.jpgEvery other post on Facebook wants to awaken our desire to live a fulfilled life, to find our passion or mission in life, to be our true self.

Many feel that the life we live now, with running after the daily responsibilities, chasing some success in your career or in society will not bring the desired result.  More and more people live their daily life in dissatisfaction even in anger and despair because they believe that they have distanced themselves so far from their true self that they actually can’t come in contact anymore with who they truly are and what they are meant to do or they do know what they want and experience no flow or progress in their endeavors and efforts.

Many of us want to make a difference not by earning fame and fortune for ourselves, but by living a meaningful life, by being kind and loving and serving and inspiring others. We seem to wait for something to happen: for that workshop,  this intervention or a new meditation that will show us the way — the right path to follow or that outcome we desire.

And you already smell it: this is exactly where we get lost. Now you might think, no I am not waiting for something to happen, I am just practicing to be in the NOW, fully present and by that naturally I will follow the right path, I’ll be in the flow and the right things will also come on my path.  Even though this might come much closer it’s still conditioned.

Living oneness

All this noble approaches to leave the world reigned by the ego and to live a life based on love and compassion is where we again live in exclusion.  It’s noble, for sure, but even if you want to love all those parts in you that do not fit your perfect description, and you have compassion for them — long story short ─ they seem to be our obstacle in being who we know we are and to live the life we feel belongs to us.

Unification and oneness starts with you. Can you allow yourself to live yourself fully?  Living yourself fully means all of it.  All the parts that are not so ‘spiritual’, that don’t fit into your mind made image of who you think you should be, or could be.

Living yourself could be so easy, the easiest thing you have ever done, because there are no conditions set. And that is what is so hard for us to accept.  Life never sets any conditions for us.  Having grown up in a world where almost everything has conditions, it seems almost impossible to get grip on. We were molded that way: we are used to fit in, fulfill expectations, be the useful one, achieve desired outcomes, do the right thing, and let nobody think negatively about us. Or we mismatch the mentioned and take the opposite position which is equally conditioned.

We still live the old pattern and only exchanged the target of our attention.  We make different choices, which is good, but the main pattern hasn’t changed.

Second level of life

The book “The Gift of Your Life” describes that we live in three levels of life. I don’t want to go into details of the three levels here (if you like to read them, use the request at the end of this blog and I send them to you).  But very shortly said the first level is based on fear of others, power and survival. The second level is based on shame and guilt that we are not as we could be and a longing to create a better world by being a better person. The third level is ready to experience all that life offers inclusive him/herself with no restrictions or conditions.

It makes sense that we first needed to have a certain awareness that our behavior does influence others, and a sense of well-being not only for us but also for others (second level of life) in order to throw all rules over board and to trust your own nature with no restrictions. Not that it will do the right thing (the man-made right thing) but that it will serve the moment as it wishes to be served.

Almost all of us might believe that all in life has a purpose and all that happens is meant to happen. But when it’s about ourselves, we rather want to be the angel in white, loved by all and making people happy and refuse to be the kicking ass little devil-angel at times. (Although we always are )

Your mission and passion

Life expects nothing from you; It knows you, made you, loves you and is endlessly patient. Any moment you spend on thinking what your mission and passion is, or the right way to walk. Smile at yourself and perhaps you see that you are longing for the Mercedes of the Spiritual world.  You do not have to add anything to the world, the world is there for you. It’s your playground to test your strengths and abilities as being humanity in evolution. (See also my blog “life is a playground not a school”)

You are probably mostly in the second level of life, no reason to fear yourself anymore. Live your revolution not by changing what you do for a living and if it’s spiritual or not, but by simply living the life you live now fully — living yourself fully. Be passionate about yourself as you are now and be amazed by simply watching yourself in action.  Be shy or outgoing, be kind or rude, be sloppy or very orderly, be serious or lighthearted, be introvert or extrovert, judgmental or accepting, helpful or lazy — whatever it is, that you rather would not be, if you live it and nurture it with loving attention it one day will also turn into a constructive trait to the outside, it will happen automatically with no force or any condition and how it will manifest, nobody can tell in advance.  Just like you can’t force the development of a child, you can’t force your own development.  Loving attention lets develop what is in us, no preset expectation or suppression but observing life unfolding before you. Your inner and outer life.

That is living in the presence of the Gifts of Life ─ your gifts of life.

Much love Karin

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