Empaths – the healers of the unspoken and unexpressed

images-2Lately I am experiencing quite often empaths and I see that some of them aren’t yet fully aware how their highly emphatic  nature is such a blessing to us, and I mean not just their intuitive contributions which are of cause great as they are freed from our ill-need of rationalizing all, they  have a good connection to intuition and many believe that this is actually their gift they have and the price is sensing all – but they are an even much bigger blessing to us and themselves.

Even it’s understandable that they wish they could protect themselves better;  often I read how challenging it is to be with unreal people, dishonest people that one feels plagued with guilt about being unable to help all those ones that suffer so deeply and often are not even really aware of it because they suppress what the empaths are clearly sensing.

It’s hard to live a normal life, to live your own life  if the feelings of others are overwhelming,  yet for an empathetic person to feel clearly all he feels can be his bliss and our blessing.

For that we are invited to understand a small thing ─ nobody of us is really experiencing own emotions.  There are no emotions these days that find their origin in your personal experiences you had. They only have been activated in your current life for you to evolve them further, many of them are even collective inheritances.

Here it’s not important if you believe in former lives or not, how you have gotten them, by inheritance, by dreaming, former lives, you name it……they are now experienced by us and want to be felt and welcomed.  Only in a welcoming environment they can develop further, they can move from being fear driven to being love motivated. Its an invitation for all of us. Was there not one obstacle ─ most of us fear to feel those emotions and we suppress them and act them out in defenses which make us unreal without knowing it.

But the empath does know that. He feels what is really going on but unfortunately gets often overwhelmed, angry, taking it personally or even getting judgmental by it.  Often the empath does not know what to do with all he feels, unable to communicate and explain rationally what is going on, and it’s exactly that which is our rescue because rationalizing is what stands in the way of healing what we feel ─ and there is actually no difference if you are feeling something you prefer to call your own (which is actually not true, but fine) or you call it emotions of others.

In both categories all our emotions, our fears, want to be seen, welcomed and deserve our compassion.

Today I want to thank you, YOU the empathetic  person for feeling what I fear and suppress. To allow my emotions to be felt through your body and since we are one your loving acceptance and patient observation of what you feel, which are my fears, you heal not only me, but also the planet.

You are truly a blessing. And I wish you the strength of equanimity in your observation of sensing me so that you do not need any longer to suffer by that what you feel and I suppress.

Your grateful Karin

PS.: If you like to know more about how to observe with equanimity I love to send you the chapter of the book The Gifts of Your Life.


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