How blessed I feel to be finally able to be with those parts of me that I have neglected for so long. Unknowingly yes, but that does not take away that I have left myself standing in the dark with no care and no love. Now it's my time to make up. No wanting to fix it, heal it, let it go or whatever term we love to use when we want to get rid of something…… I am determined to make up for my past neglect by giving them my love, compassion and foremost all the time they need. To be fully with them, to let them be part of my life and not to hide them, pushed them to heal, intervene or to cover up anymore. Those parts complete me in a way that I can’t describe.

Get the feeling of having all the time of the world…

Time is a rare commodity.  With the excuse of lack of time, we rush from one place to the other, try to do as much as we can within a given timeframe. Productivity and efficiency are values we seem to accept automatically as being normal and needed.  We need to organize our time, to have … Continue reading Get the feeling of having all the time of the world…

Do you know the fertile ground where your earthly being thrives?

Our earthly being is what we live every day EFFORTLESSLY. Some of the traits we might love, some costs us a lot (any addiction like helping, shopping any stuff, working, drugs, etc.), some we hide, some we would love to change, some we hate, some we have accepted and with some traits only you know what you do with them.

Please don’t try to make this earth a better place

It’s our attachment to the “good”, our fear and inability to be with our (hidden) pains that make us run from one thing to another trying to make a good life, a better life. Trying to make the lives of others better. And by running and running in avoidance to be confronted with pain and to miss out on the promised ‘good life’ we miss out on life itself.

Change or development and evolution ─ living yourself defenselessly 

To live our life in connection with life and by that in connection with ourselves, we are invited to welcome our unique earthly energy we embody, that energy we are, not that energy we would like to be, our ego or needy us likes to be. Living your fears versus wanting to let them go … Continue reading Change or development and evolution ─ living yourself defenselessly