Please don’t try to make this earth a better place


info-overload-2We experience enough one could say…more than enough. Time seems to be a rare asset and many of us long for some peace.

Are you a machine?

We have become a wheel in a machinery we call life. One appointment or responsibility chases the next. Happy and relieved when we are able to mark things as done we run towards the end of our day, week, month, and year and yes even our lives. 

Running after the better life

To act with the purpose of a (desired) outcome seems to be the way of living. Creating your life by own design is the slogan. And I am sure many of us will think now: why otherwise would I give my precious time and attention to something if it would not give me an outcome that I like and find important. School has brainwashed us to believe that all is for good grades, a good job in future.  Society shows us that if you work hard you will get those things belonging to a good life. There is no comfort to those who did mess up by own mistake and efforts made doesn’t count, only results do ─ so we continue to focus to get this good life. Only to feel that there is always more expected (by someone), more to be done, much more possible than we could actually ever reach.

We experience the commodity time as something that is limited, scarcity all over.  It’s not enough ─ it must be enough. Time is something to use effectively and believe me, my German blood that flows through my veins screams for perfection and efficiency ─ better said screamed for it.  Till life wonderfully stopped me, forced me to stand still. Unable to move towards anything with the slightest visible success, I was confronted with deep fears of incapacities, meaninglessness, failure, disappointment and unable to understand what I was doing wrong, why could I not move and create anymore what I loved and knew I was good in as well.  And even when I surrendered and wanted to work a ‘normal” job to take care of my family I crumbled physically.

Please don’t make this earth a better place

Till I really experienced that which I before only understood with my mind. That life does not need to be lived in scarcity or necessity, that there is nothing that has to be created, nothing that we as humans have to fix.  If we actually continue trying to make this earth a better place, there might be no earth left over for us to live on.

child-in-blissMy body and mind understood that life simply wants to be experienced.  To be experienced fully with no restriction to the experience, the sensations that belong to the experience.  No exclusion, pure experience of what is there.

I know that some will say, how impossible it is to enjoy all that one can experience.  So many horrible things that happen and people have to endure.  Perhaps you have to endure.

It’s your nature to love experiences your body can sense

I invite you to think of the possibility, only the possibility that by nature we do not have any resistance to feel horror, emotional pain or anything our body can experience. Our nature even loves the experience, loves the intensity of it. Just think of the breath taking roller coasters, bungee jumping, movies that make us cry or let us leave the light on at night.  Our body does not resist those energies, neither does it have a problem with processing those sensations.  We call this entertainment.

Deep pain and loss of course can’t be called entertainment, don’t get me wrong. To live defencelessly means to make space for all, not wanting to fix, to quickly move on, but to be with what is there.

Our attachment to the good, keeps us in the duality of life

It’s our attachment to the “good”, our fear and inability to be with our (hidden) pains that make us run from one thing to another trying to make a good life, a better life. Trying to make the lives of others better.  And by running and running in avoidance to be confronted with pain and to miss out on the promised ‘good life’ we miss out on life itself.  And I am not talking to see the small good things, being grateful for all you have, thinking of events positively, learning, trying to confront fears in order to grow etc.…no.

All this keeps us in the duality of life.

We are invited to experience life fully inside and outside as it is now, to live defencelessly, unconditionally and consciously every moment of it.

Much love Karin

To  open up more and more  to experience life fully I love to share with you a chapter of the Book The Gifts of Your Life.  It’s a chapter of the developmental stages of our emotional, social and spiritual evolution.


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