Do you know the fertile ground where your earthly being thrives?

human-bodyWhat is my authentic nature? Where do I thrive best? What is it in me that wants to thrive? Questions you might not ask yourself, yet those questions are worth your attention.

In our spiritual search many of us have experienced their godly being, that which is formless and has no ego. Mostly those experiences are during meditations or breathings and they are wonderful, yet often it’s  hard to take that state into our daily life activities. We lose that connection while trying to take care of the many responsibilities most of us encounter every day.

What is your authentic nature?

Our authentic nature is actually what we live every day EFFORTLESSLY.  Some of the traits we might love, some costs us a lot (any addiction like helping, shopping any stuff, working, drugs,  etc.), some we hide, some we would love to change, some we hate and some we have accepted and with some traits only you know what you do with them.

A fact is, that most of us are hacked into likes and dislikes. Our resistance to who we are NOW, what we experience with our actions and how we feel makes that we think that this can’t be the right thing.  Something seems wrong, something is missing.  Most desire certain traits and strive to become better people, to act in more spiritual, loving ways.  In the first place this seems to be the right thing to do yet by having a closer look we actually see that we reject parts of our earthly being and for that those parts don’t get any loving attention from us in order to develop (evolve ) further.  We want to change those traits, perhaps getting rid of them, perhaps accepting them. But they long to be seen for what they are, they want to evolve further not to be changed.

Where do we thrive evolve the best?

Our emotional, social and spiritual evolution can’t be forced. This step in our evolution is not motivated anymore by survival, like it has been in the last billion of years.   Our emotional, social and spiritual evolution wants to unfold naturally and it does.

Since this part of our evolution can’t be forced we thrive best if the environment is conducive and welcoming.  We are invited to welcome and embrace our earthly being we are today, NOW at this very moment inclusive the most rejected part of ourselves.

In my silent retreats, during meditation, my own path and working with many people I was blessed to see 12 bridges (stages) of our social, emotional and spiritual evolution.  They are the nourishing ground where our earthly being can naturally thrive.  Those bridges are gifts to us, kind invitations and can’t be forced.

What does want to thrive in you?

We evolve as one organism humanity.  Your personal evolution is the evolution of humanity since there is actually no difference between the two.  Life is your personal facilitator to know what at this very moment wants to evolve.  Its loves your equanimeous attention to what happens inside and outside of you.  We are invited to live exuberant — To live intense and relaxed at the same time.   How that will look for you? Only your body knows your unique earthly nature. Nobody else, also not your own desire can change what your body knows, what brilliant potential is hiding in your resisted parts and what form your wanted traits still can take.

Join me to become aware how to create your nourishing grounds for your earthly being to thrive.

Become aware of the 8 most important gifts life wants to offer YOU.  In an eight weeks personal guidance I love to invite you to experience those gifts, not to know them cognitively but to experience those for yourself and to observe how they nourish traits your body loves to live. To observe and follow YOU instead of trying to control yourself in an at times heavy and tiring dance.

If this speaks to you, click for more info the link below and join us in our experience of living ourselves defenselessly. I am very happy to meet you in this online 8 weeks personal guided program.

Much love Karin

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