Please don’t try to make this earth a better place


info-overload-2We experience enough one could say…more than enough. Time seems to be a rare asset and many of us long for some peace.

Are you a machine?

We have become a wheel in a machinery we call life. One appointment or responsibility chases the next. Happy and relieved when we are able to mark things as done we run towards the end of our day, week, month, and year and yes even our lives.  Continue reading

Empaths – the healers of the unspoken and unexpressed

images-2Lately I am experiencing quite often empaths and I see that some of them aren’t yet fully aware how their highly emphatic  nature is such a blessing to us, and I mean not just their intuitive contributions which are of cause great as they are freed from our ill-need of rationalizing all, they  have a good connection to intuition and many believe that this is actually their gift they have and the price is sensing all – but they are an even much bigger blessing to us and themselves. Continue reading