Sometime one’s life is challenging in ways, that of our body and/or our life as we have lived it before nothing is left.  Physical and emotional pain seem to have same shifts in a 24/7 inexhaustible determination.

Illness and losses  open up never known pains and also strengths. In the first place it looks as if they want to destroy us, yet what it actually destroys is our resistance to what we might never have felt in our lives before.

In my case it’s  vulnerability and fear….emotions that have never come up in my life. As a strong, vibrant and adventurous woman I faced every thinkable situation in my life with open arms.

Now I live my days wavering between depression, panic attacks and also deep gratitude to feel those unknown emotions.

I am so aware of the richness to truly be with my vulnerability and to be able to be compassionate with my indescribable fears.  I just think with unbelief how long all this I feel now has been hiding in me, hiding in fear of being seen; Hiding in fear of standing totally alone if it would allow itself to come out.  How blessed I feel to be finally able to be with those parts of me that I have neglected for so long. Unknowingly yes, but that does not take away that I have left myself standing in the dark with no care and no love.

Now it’s my time to make up. No wanting to fix it, heal it, let it go or whatever term we love to use when we want to get rid of something……

I am determined to make up for my past neglect by giving them my love, compassion and foremost all the time they need.  To be fully with them, to let them be part of my life and not to hide them, push them to heal, intervene or to cover up anymore.

Those parts complete me in a way that I can’t describe.heart-3

Did my body and my life fall apart…..yes actually it did.

But I am more complete and whole than I have ever been.

I am endlessly grateful for that and even though I wish you the most beautiful life and outstanding health, I also wish you to be blessed to find those parts that hide out deep in you and just long for your kind hand to invite them safely into your life to finally live and grow up in their own pace.

Much love Karin


ps. If you feel something is missing in you or your life has deeply challenged you and you have interest to nourish your full authentic nature you might want to join my 8 weeks online /e-mail personal guidance course “Nourish your authentic nature”.  I am very honored to walk those weeks together with you.  Much love Karin

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