The gift to connect and disconnect freely

dualityIn our social, emotional and spiritual development we encounter 32 gifts and are invited to unpack them during our life. The gift of connecting and disconnecting freely determines our relationship with the duality of life. Today I love to give a small impression on how it might look like if we were fearless in the topic of connecting and disconnecting. 

In the gift of connecting and disconnecting freely, we are able to enjoy being together and we are not depending on each other. We enjoy contact with the other and are positive of what it will bring us.To ask for what we need is easy and when we receive a “No,” it’s fine too; we do not depend on one other. Neither are we afraid to depend on somebody because we are OK in ourselves already, depending on someone or something is fine for us. We are not afraid if we will get attention in the right way and right time or if we will get it at all.

If someone behaves unexpectedly or in a way we didn’t wish for, we are still OK. If something is really very desirable to us, we are free to explore where and how we can get what we desire.  But when it seems that we can’t get it, we are still okay. We connect and disconnect with ease.This holds true not only for people but also for things. We create something, and when it is time, we let go of it without strain.  This gift makes sharing easy and nice. We have something and then it’s gone. We accept the flow of life. Nothing stays, and that is fine. We have and let go again. We can enjoy something tremendously, but we are not attached to it. It does not defdualityine us. We were blessed to use it for the time being and now not anymore.  Connecting and disconnecting both are safe and fine.

We are fine with the duality of life. We embrace both the presence of something and its absence—its opposite. Having peace with both sides makes duality joyful.  It’s not this or that—we welcome both.  It’s an essential basis to live with satisfaction in a world where everything has an opposite and all has an end.

We love opposites because it allows us to experience both sides fully. If someone has never known being alone, we can’t really be aware of being together. If someone has never known not being safe, we can’t be aware how it is to feel protected and safe. Dry and wet.  Poor and rich.  Having and not having. Connecting and disconnecting.  They need each other to be experienced fully, even to exist.

The not having is not evoking fear or lack, not having is just another experience.  When we experience that, we live in the presence of the gift of connecting and disconnecting.

In the presence of this gift, we are also able to fully focus on one thing; we are not afraid to miss out on other opportunities. When we have decided on something, a study, to safe or any other goal, we can easily bring the necessary sacrifices, all the things we can’t do, in order to achieve what we decided upon, disconnecting of other desires is easy. We do all this without becoming rigid or ignorant because what we decided to create is never an absolute must. We can decide to change ways, to be flexible and creative, or if it seems to be better for us, to let go of the plan fully.

In this gift we built a pleasurable relationship with duality.

Just look with loving eyes at your behaviour and see where what you read seems strange or even contradictory.  Here its not to try to implement yet rather to see where your mind and body needs loving attention in order to develop further which is already part of you.

In case you have interest to get to know how we install those illusions to recognize some of them for yourself, just contact me and I love to send it to you.

From 14th till 26th of September I am on a silent retreat and unable to react, but don’t hesitate to contact me, as soon as I am back I love to respond to you.

Much love Karin

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