Book a FREE NEWEX session and get insights to what your life situation wants to invite you

(this offer ended on 31 of August, in case you still have interest in a session please visit my website   Much love Karin )

Thank you for wanting to know to what your life situation wants to invites you.

What do you need to do?  Send me an e-mail where you describe shortly (max of 3 sentences, key words are just fine too) one life situation you like to understand deeper.  It’s not a computer or a random answer we give you. Your NEWEX coach connects personally with you and your situation using applied applied kinesiology.

path 2NEWEX Coaching assumes that your life guides you and speaks to you practically and measurably through normal events. Situations that simply draw your attention like e.g. at once many mosquito bites  or seeing a name or person several times in a row or simply something that pops into your mind out of whatever reason or situations that are in one way or the other challenging to you.

Those are ways life loves to draw your attention.  If we train ourselves to connect with the wisdom that can guide us and the situation at hand, we can become aware to what life wants to invite us to.  It’s an invitation, not an assignment. So if we already feel drawn to take the invitation fine, if we feel we want to wait a bit, fine too. There is no pressure or expectation, it’s a simple invitation of a possibility of growth.

To come into such close contact with life and to feel the love and guidance life gives us 24/7 made a huge difference in how I feel and approach my normal life and my challenging situation. I feel carried and safe regardless of the situations I find myself in and regardless of the emotions I feel— I also feel comforted and loved at the same time.

Since this was such a great change and benefit for me and for so many I was coaching since,  I feel the desire to offer the service to understand one’s life-situations from a perspective of guidance in an easy, affordable and accessible way — “NEWEX Coaching, the Hotline to your Higher Consciousness” was the answer to my desire.

Why I offer you a free session

The people I have worked with using NEWEX Coaching so far do know me and many of them have followed trainings with me. Before I offer this online service fully to the public in October by starting my promotion campaign I would like to learn what people need  who do not know me and my approach.  The session is now for free yet I appreciate if you fill in a 5 question feedback form for me to learn.

I already thank you very much for having taken the time to read this info and I hope you will decide to contact me.

Much love Karin

We guarantee that your e-mail address is not given to any other organization or person. Respecting  your privacy is important to us.

Your are offered a free e-mail session (we also facilitate skype and whatsapp sessions).You will get your answer as quick as possible. In case you are more comfortable writing in Dutch or German we also can facilitate sessions in those languages.

Looking forward meeting you,

Much Love Karin and Team

PS.: you want to know more visit our website :

or have a trial read in the book:  The Gifts of Your Life 

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