This book loves YOU

High Resolution Front Cover_6060104 This book helped me to really fall in love with my own life by experiencing the deep guidance and love that lies in my seemingly insignificant ordinary daily life. It helped me with the in the book described gifts to see my illusions and to give me direction in my daily life. Experiencing this made me appreciate more and more all the happenings in my life, not because I tell myself that all is as it should be and that I have to learn some lessons — no not at all — its because I see, understand and feel the guidance and by that the presence of God, Love and Space.  I feel carried by life, I feel safe, grateful and always lovingly looked at.

High Resolution Back Cover_6060104A deep trust in life has settled in me. I feel it not in spite of the invitations my emotions, my body and my outer life situations create for me but BECAUSE of them.

After so many years of my spiritual journey My New World Experience (as I called it in 2012) re-framed again my whole view on myself, my life, people and time itself. It embellished my life in an unconditional way.  In case you decide to read the book, I wish you the very same experience.

Much love


PS.: for the ones that know NEWEX Coaching, feel free to share your experience if you like. And in case anyone wants to have a look inside of the book or you want to order the book:

PS.: Thanks Pewdiepie for lending the title of your fantastic funny book : This Book Loves You, it for sure also fits my book. 🙂

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