The gift to connect and disconnect freely

In our social, emotional and spiritual development we encounter 32 gifts and are invited to unpack them during our life. The gift of connecting and disconnecting freely determines our relationship with the duality of life. Today I love to give a small impression on how it might look like if we were fearless in the topic of … Continue reading The gift to connect and disconnect freely

Rude and ignorant or just nuts?

When do we grant someone to be mentally disturbed….yes I say grant, because it comes with many advantages compared with the normal mental disorders that we simply call rude, selfish, stupid or ignorant.  The labeled mentally disturbed person is not held responsible anymore for what he does because we have somehow agreed not to expect any different … Continue reading Rude and ignorant or just nuts?

The beauty of being useless

  Much of pain is caused in many lives because of the feeling of being of no use, or our doubt that we are a meaningful contribution, that we are doing enough or doing it good enough. The pain is not just caused by the named above, because most people suppress more or less successfully … Continue reading The beauty of being useless

Help- I am authentic!

In my work with children it was amazing to see, how quickly certain fears could be released and conducive pattern installed often with hardly any effort, while at the same time other themes were so stuck and unmovable to the frustration of the parents who loved to see their kid happy and successful. With time … Continue reading Help- I am authentic!

A very special birthday gift

These weeks are our family birthdays. My son celebrates today 24th of May and my birthday is on 4th of June.  My daughter’s is a few weeks later on 11th of July. This year it’s a bit strange that out of whatever reason, I am likely becoming aware off now, most of my family members can’t … Continue reading A very special birthday gift