Do I waste my time?

playing childThis morning I got an interesting question. Is it possible that my fear-based me (ego) interferes with my desire to fully live life and to fully enjoy and surrender to my human being, the energy I embody on this earth. How can  I really know if my mind is not just fooling around with me and I am busy wasting my time?

I like to use the example of a baby. If you take the environment of the baby it’s full of stimulations. Most parents are offering toys confirm the developmental expectations of the child. Not a book of Shakespeare for the 3 year old and neither will they put just a rattle.  The environment of the baby is filled with things it knows and enjoys, things it finds perhaps still a bit challenging and things it does not at all know (yet) what to do with.  We look at the child and are sure soon it will have some interest in it and find out how to use. It will develop.

I believe that each adult person is invited to look at his life as a well-chosen playground, exactly designed for the stage of his personal development. There are still old plays you know well, and also new challenges. Some of them are easy, with others you don’t have a clue what to do with them.  But you can be sure if you don’t refuse growth, you will find out and sooner or later the challenging tools of now become the old and known ones of the past and life will put new toys into your playground.

Sometimes if you really can’t let go of an old and well-known toy which does not nourish your growth anymore, Mother Life will take it out of your playground, sometimes just for some time,  for you to look around to see what else is there for you.  Mother Life has always an eye on you and knows what you need in order to develop further. To develop that potential that she knows is in you. She knows that for sure, just like the child’s parents know that the child will not stay a baby for ever.  Our emotional, social and spiritual growth is predicted just like our physical and cognitive growth is predicted — not that we are conscious of the details, but for sure there is a line to see.

Our parents facilitate our growing up and once we become more independent Mother Life takes over and the life long growing up starts — the development of our social, emotional and spiritual being.  We are invited, guided and loved by Mother Life in a perfect way, she has no own interest, fears or defences she just has a promise to us: to never give up on us to manifest our very individual potential, to never lose patience and she never doubts our ability. She always expects the best and sees our innocence, just like we can see it in a baby.

I invite you to have the same kindness and patience; the same hopeful, exciting, positive and innocent expectation for yourself as you can have for a baby ─ as Mother Life has for you.

In our social, emotional and spiritual development we are like little babies, innocent little babies that play adult life. Life is our playground and often we think that putting the blocks like a tower and our Lego building is what we are supposed to achieve in life.  But actually it is about us, what building the tower evokes in us, all the time.

You are free in your decisions on which play you want to put your attention, you can’t go wrong because all in your life, every single small thing is a perfect stimulation for you to develop and evolve your special unique YOU, that part of the whole you represent on earth.

Mother Life is not in a hurry, it knows how brilliant you are. There is no possibility that you will not grow. For that she patiently guides you and cares for you 24/7.

She invites you to trust her unconditional love, to feel her presence and to let go of the illusion that you are alone.

So the question if your fear-based mind is in your way to live your life fully ? No it’s not, it IS your way. Meeting your fears (your challenging toys in your playground) and seeing them for what they are, just memories of your past showing you the way to your next discovery of great potential in you and that is never a waste of time.

I invite you to think of your challenging life-situations like a new birthday gift, a toy in your playground. Perhaps wrapped tightly but for sure something you desire and packed by people who love you. I am sure that you have some example where a big challenge of yours turned out to be a great teacher for you.

It would be nice if you share perhaps one example for us to learn.


Much love Karin

Ps. Next week I love to share the amazing role our parents played and we as parents play in the raising and forming of our kids. I promise it will be different from what you might expect.

5 thoughts on “Do I waste my time?

  1. So does it also not matter if you ‘let something be’ for a while and play with another challenge ?because sometimes I get a little frustrated not managing one situation. 🙂 It’s refreshing to hear a spiritual teacher say that the way IS the ego. Since most teachings are against the ego:). Thanks for your invitation.

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    • Dear different girl,
      You see it perfectly right, you can play with something for a while and let it be and attend to something else. On a playground nobody tells you: “Stay on the swing till you have reached the tree with your feet, and don’t dare to come off the swing before you have managed the maximum level.” If you get tired you get off the swing and rest a bit or do something that is just fun or easy to relax a bit. The swing knows you will come back some other time and it will be there for you. And if that one is taken by the time you want to swing again…life is creative enough to offer you plenty of swings in plenty of forms for you to have the same benefit. Guaranteed.
      Life does not know “once in a life time opportunities” ─ life IS a life time opportunity.

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  2. brilliant! not always easy to see our challenging painful life situations as toys but indeed an invitation and now makes it possible. my big challenge currently is seeing all that loved ones do or dont do as a loving act, even when it really doesn’t feel like it

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    • Dear Alexandra,
      That’s perhaps one of the biggest steps we can make ─ to love all emotions we can experience. We still measure our emotions on the level of physical pain (injuries), which is for sure smart to avoid in order to protect our body. Emotions are only hurtful to us when we avoid them and they get stuck in our body. If we allow them to freely stream through our body, it’s just an energy passing through and actually quite an experience. An experience we do love: think of an emotional movie or a ride in the roller-coaster. Emotions are the spice of life, all of them. So if you are in a situation with your loved ones try to feel all you can feel instead of thinking of how you feel. Sense and experience without resistance. If you don’t manage as a situation happens try to sense all you feel without thinking what you feel when you are conscious of the fact that you did resist it. It then still will release those energies that got stuck in your body.
      Thanks a lot for your input.
      Love Karin

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