Help- I am authentic!

authenticity_sealIn my work with children it was amazing to see, how quickly certain fears could be released and conducive pattern installed often with hardly any effort, while at the same time other themes were so stuck and unmovable to the frustration of the parents who loved to see their kid happy and successful. With time I saw that the age of the child seemed to play an important role.  From the age of 11-15 many topics that were stuck before came slowly into movement. I always wondered why.  In 2012 I was inspired by several silent retreats and I started to understand this pattern which was not making much sense before because I always thought mistakenly that healing our pain was the key to become an authentic person, closer to who we really are and the earlier we could heal this pain and release destructive pattern the better it would be. 

During those retreats I came to understand that our human nature, meaning our fears, joys ─ all emotions, our defence-patterns, our truths and doubts etc. are like seeds in the ground ready to let go of the shucks and to stretch into the light. It is the seed that determines the outcome, determines what will be materialize on earth. Those seeds determine your unique special human form, the form you are invited to let grow on this earth.

Most of those seeds you have are from former lives or are inherited.  But who puts them for you into fertile ground so that they can grow again so that what could not be healed in the past, can be healed and evolve now?

This fertile ground are mostly parents and caretakers. Your parents!  And you, if you are a parent now.You are the perfect soil to let the pattern your child desires to heal from its past grow. You are the source and facilitator of potential healing and evolution of your child’s destiny.

Yes you hear it well, you are chosen because you have the perfect ingredients to activate old fear based pattern in your child for it to be able to finally heal them.  It is a big service you do for your child. A big service your parents did for you.

For all under us, that are parents know how hard it is to be unable to give your child what we THINK it needs, to be confronted with our own limitations and shortcomings.  Living in the illusion that you are supposed to act differently, that you should be a better parent than you are. And if you think you are a good parent doing the right thing, you might find yourself worrying about what your spouse does. That she/he is not acting in good ways and perhaps hurting your child.

But life is hardly ever what it seems for the watcher of the surface.

We might not be able to oversee and grasp all we do, yet we can be assured that we ALWAYS contribute towards the (unconscious) desire your child has to heal its past and to evolve further. You are a servant to your child, just as your parents were your servants.

So what is an authentic parent? It’s YOU! And your parents were.  We always are authentic to our nature. Our nature is not only one part of the duality of life, it is both parts of the whole. In life it always is. As long we resit one part of it, we live in the struggle of duality — of the right and wrong, of the good and bad. Once we dare to live our God-given authentic nature we can live in the world of duality freely and fully.  Perhaps not understanding but knowing that there is only one direction in life and that is the love for evolution of us, the human being.  We heal as one body and serve as one body.

Are you ready to trust your nature and to life authentically, raise your children congruently with all aspects of your nature? The good news here is: You are already doing it, the question is if you can enjoy it. If you can have peace with it. With what you do in a certain moments.

Can you have peace with what your parents did or did not do when you were a child? Can you honour them for forming you, for putting this unique potential in you that every day loves to unfold itself step by step? To amaze you of who you are and to watch yourself in your own evolution — the most amazing thriller and love story of all times.

It seems that with an age of ca. 11-15 years most pattern are settled again so deeply in us that from that moment on, we don’t need the pain any longer as a motivation for the pattern to exist.  From that moment on we are invited to let go step by step of our pain to let the trait evolve to be enjoyed more and more by ourselves and others. We are invited to the stages of accepting, welcoming, embracing and loving of each single trait in us.

There is not a single trait in you that is not supposed to be in you. You are perfect and innocent as you are, guided to grow and to develop by life.  Life will determine the most conducive way for you and prepares your playground carefully and determined. You don’t really need to strive or make extra effort, to be open and to trust and foremost to enjoy all of it in the awareness that every human encounter is a spiritual intervention, a meeting of two souls in service to each other.

I bow before you as you read this and thank you for being with me.

Much love Karin

PS. please feel free to share your thoughts on this for us to learn

3 thoughts on “Help- I am authentic!

  1. When terminally ill patients were interviewed, one of the biggest and most prevalent regrets was not living an authentic life.

    I think living in authenticity – and as such, encouraging your children to follow suit – is one of the keys to a happy and secure life.


    • Thank you for your thoughts. It’s true that it’s sad to even at the end of your life being unable to see the richness of your lived life. It’s the awareness that you do live always authentically which brings the fulfilment not any action you take or never took.
      Love Karin

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