Embracing and loving what you once despised

homer_simpsonAs promised I share today the next two great steps in internalizing a ‘hidden’ part of us.  In my last blog “No… not again…”I shared that it starts with accepting that a trait is also in you and then, after some time, perhaps a week, day, month or even years you will get invited to take the next step which was to welcome that part which meant that you slowly start living it carefully, selectively and perhaps still not really openly….till life invites you to make the next step. Continue reading

No… not again…

8897_Hide_and_SeekMost of us know that when we encounter something that is disturbing to us, it’s a hidden part in us, we don’t want it since it has hurt us when we were exposed to it, or we were ashamed, punished or ridiculed when we innocently exhibited such behaviour. Continue reading

Neediness is a blessing

gift person 3Being needy is something that is generally speaking not that popular in our society,  being independent is what is expected. Yet if we look at neediness just as an ability, it’s to acknowledging our needs, and being open to get them fulfilled.

With a good dose of disappointment you might not even really want to know anymore what you need and by that it can’t transform into wish and desire, and those two again can’t transform into your passion. To live a fulfilled life we are invited to open up again to our neediness and to receiving generally.   Continue reading

Dare to desire

desireThis Sunday my daughter Triziah had a performance in church and for that I also went to share this experience with her. While I was singing those nice songs about the love of God,  my eyes got wet like every time when I sit in church.  Today I decide to have a look into that.   It’s not that I am sad  or aware of any thoughts connected to those tears so this will be interesting I believe. Continue reading

A weekend attack

This weekend I got heavily attacked!

Out of nowhere on Saturday evening, very strong emotions took me into their grip. An intense sadness and hopelessness with lots of tears and the only savior was a big pack of tissues rescuing me. This raid lasted for some hours and only in the early morning hours I finally fell asleep.  Reason enough to find out to what this inner event likes to invite me to. Continue reading

A very special birthday gift

2016-05-06 19.44.11These weeks are our family birthdays. My son celebrates today 24th of May and my birthday is on 4th of June.  My daughter’s is a few weeks later on 11th of July. This year it’s a bit strange

that out of whatever reason, I am likely becoming aware off now, most of my family members can’t come to our birthday party and in my daughter’s case, she will not even be around on her birthday since she travels to visit a good friend in Madrid, and somehow there was no other possibility to travel. All have good reasons not to come, or just popping in shortly since they had other unavoidable things. So life has my attention and I love to know to what this invites me. Continue reading

Making the step to be fully determined AND to stay playful

Here I am again.  I did my intervention and by the way, lots of other things happened that would have been actually also very interesting to share.  I still need to get used to share my invitations on this blog as soon as I experience them.  It’s part of my topic of today, because I see it took quite some time till I decided to write again a process I undergo on my blog. So I take this as my life situation: I delay to write my experiences on my blog while I actually are eager to share with you how ‘ the gifts of my life’  work in my life.

I test the invitation here. And it starts with a resistance to an invitation. So that means it not yet my direction. It is again in the 8th bridge second gift.  It says:  Continue reading

Understanding the Gifts of Your Life

High Resolution Front Cover_6060104Your life as you live it NOW wants to be seen, understood and utilized to guide you practically. The Gifts of YOUR Life invite you to see how brilliant, amazing and fun the life you live NOW actually is.  In this blog I love to share with you situations and inspirations  towards understanding  life’s invitations more deeply. Continue reading