Understanding the Gifts of Your Life

High Resolution Front Cover_6060104Your life as you live it NOW wants to be seen, understood and utilized to guide you practically. The Gifts of YOUR Life invite you to see how brilliant, amazing and fun the life you live NOW actually is.  In this blog I love to share with you situations and inspirations  towards understanding  life’s invitations more deeply.
Once we live life in the awareness of its gifts to us, and we are excited about what it all does for us, we become more and more aware how much we are guided, carried and loved by life practically and measurably.
I wish you that you might find here and there similarities and inspirations, and perhaps you share your own experiences for us to learn.
Much love Karin





One thought on “Understanding the Gifts of Your Life

  1. That is a very interesting look of life using a broken down computer. These life situations or events want to tell us something, we need to be curious about these situations.


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