Unconscious repetition or conscious evolution ─ cutting the cord of dependency on our past

My Life, what is my life actually? Before we know when we grow older we might see that we have become more and more like our parents/caretakers. How is our life influenced by people who are perhaps not even alive anymore. What is needed to really live our own life? Do we really have one? Or is all connected and intertwined.  

As we have been formed by our family, care takers and other significant people and circumstances in your early years, we also have a deep innate longing to be free.

We want to be free to our individual self but are often hooked to our hunger for the safety, belonging and the need of still getting the love, we mistakenly think we need. This makes that we finally follow into the footsteps of our parents, repeating same pattern of former lives and bringing old dysfunctional pattern of our ancestors back to life.

In my book, which I was inspired to write during some silent retreats in 2012, I call this the gift of receiving conditional love unconditionally. But I don’t want to go into details of that now. (if you like to know more send me a request using the simple form below and I am happy to send you that chapter)

In our emotional, social and spiritual evolution we are invited to see this illusion and to cut the cord of dependency with our past, inclusive our family of origin, our ancestors and former lives.

It’s the illusion of dependency, the illusion of not having and being enough that holds us back to live our very own life. It keeps us connected to our past in ways that only leaves space for repetition till we allow ourselves to give up our hunger for that which we left unsolved, which our family activated in us again in the deep hope that this time, yes this time someone will break the chain of repetitions, sees the illusion and lives his very own life. A new life, a fresh life, a life never lived before.

This step to let go of our hunger, which motivated us since we are alive, feels like dying, a deep loss and grieve. It’s a struggle most of us try to avoid by all means: to allow yourself to see how all your efforts to be that person that you think you want to be, having been useless efforts, never paid off.  Regardless of how you might have tried hard to be a better person than the ones that raised you, or a better person than you have been yesterday, or to consciously trying to fulfil expectation of society or your direct environment ─  every thinking of what person you want to be will only put another cord of dependency on your being.

As an adult, our earthly unique nature IS formed, the energy we individually carry IS determined, it’s now up to us if we want to live in unconscious repetition or in conscious evolution.

Living our nature freely is measured on if we dare fall in Love with our life we live today, right NOW ─ looking at our illusions straight and lovingly, being with all that you feel with no holding back, not even your resistance to feel.

Nature is programmed for automatic evolution. Your individual and unique human nature is designed perfectly to contribute to your surroundings, and your surroundings are perfectly designed to nurture automatically your emotional, social and spiritual evolution. This holds true for any form that is presented to you.

Your outer life always nurtures your inner life ─ always.  Your inner life is the source of infinite experiences and dimensions.

Trust this consciously, make only that decision today and you disconnect from your cord of dependency and connect with the Gifts of Your Life ─ to finally fall in love with YOUR Life, the life you live NOW.

Much love Karin

(from 14th till 26th of september I will be on a silent retreat and not able to respond to your request, nevertheless do not hesitate to send it, I will attend to it as soon as I return. Thanks for understanding. Much love Karin )

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